Muslim Entrepreneur Network on Scams


It’s the quintessential hallmark of a successful entrepreneur.

Perception, when reinforced with sound reasoning, cogent logic, solid research, objective judgement, invaluable counsel and most importantly sincere dua, can make for an unassailable force in a Muslim businessman’s entrepreneurial repertoire.

Why is perception so significant?

Because it is innate.

Because we have been created with the affinity for goodness and purity, and it is towards this that a positive mind is unceasingly drawn.

Human beings inherently have this capacity.

A true Muslim inherently and with the guidance of Allah, has this capacity.

And it is this capacity that also makes him a true Muslim Entrepreneur.

The capacity and capability to perceive the best and most genuine business ventures out there, and to claw at them the minute he is presented with such an opportunity so much so that he is able to solidify a stable and secure financial platform that will yield him substantial long term results.

So how would you distinguish between a wise business investment, and a foolhardy one?

It comes down to perception once again.
Perception backed by reasoning, logic, research, judgement, counsel (Ma’shoora and Istikhara) and dua.

What is a good business deal?

It’s pretty obvious. But let’s touch on it anyway.

A good business deal is one that is insightful, strategic and 100% in compliance with the teachings of our ultimate role model, Muhammed (PBUH).


What does it entail?

Truthful and transparent strategies that allow you to build a sustainable long term revenue venture.

Let’s delve into a good business deal’s flipside now: scams.

What is a scam?

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (8th Edition), defines a scam as “a clever and dishonest plan for making money”.

Pyramid schemes such as Traffic Monsoon, PrimeBuy Network and Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM), ponzi schemes, email scams, telephone scams, MLM scams by companies such as Avon and ACN.

Ring a bell?

We’ve all heard of them, and we shudder in trepidation of ever being trapped by one.

But that harsh reality is that too many of our Muslim brothers and sisters have been ensnared by these pernicious and pervasive schemes that cause a rampant economic instability, resulting in social and financial anguish in the community.

Is it as ruthless and conniving as it sounds?

It most certainly is!

How has our Muslim community been affected by scams?

  • Financial blow: The most obvious repercussion of a scam. This is usually in the form of large investments, most often, life savings of individuals who have put their heart and soul into making money. Investments vary from a few thousands to staggering millions.
  • Social distress: Most scams such as pyramid and ponzi schemes rely on you bringing into the business, as many people as possible, with the promise of more financial benefits as you increase your recruitment. So what happens when the the con masters pull the wool over your eyes and make their getaway? It leaves you having to give answers to all those you recruited into the scheme. And this is most often your family and your friends. And that’s not fun. At all.
  • Social Stigma: This is linked with social distress. To put it simply and bluntly, no one will ever have much confidence in any future ‘money matters’ that you may initiate.
  • Distrust in business ventures: Once bitten, twice shy. Muslim brothers and sisters who have been affected by such scams tend to view all business ventures with a skeptical lens. They welcome the traditional workaday man’s nine to five job security, and become content with being a slave to the system rather than focusing on ways of attaining financial freedom using genuine and halal opportunities.

Is this the right move though?

Not necessarily.

While it is essential to keep our eyes peeled and do our research about every business venture, we should not shut down all opportunities to financial freedom. Afterall, who doesn’t want to be financially free?

So it comes down to playing it smart. It comes down to, once again, perception. Backed by reasoning, logic, research, judgement, counsel (Ma’shoora and Istikhara) and dua.

Let’s delve into some of the fundamental elements that a scam comprises.

The makings of a scam: How to identify a scam.

  • It’s always too good to be true

The opportunity comes in with a bang. With promises. Many promises. And assurances. You are invited to invest your money with the promise of seeing it convert into millions within a period of time. How? Well, that’s the part that you’re not sure about. But you jump in anyway. Because it’s the hype. And well, everyone’s doing it.

  • Smart targeting

Scammers are all out for the grab. They know that they can’t hoodwink the expert businessman. They also know that they have no need for those who have absolutely no money. So whom do they target? The working middle class. Why? Because they are the lot out there that do have a decent (but not thriving) bank account. And they are the ones out there who desperately want to step up the economic ladder.

  • Smart investment options

After targeting their prey, the scammers pounce. How? By advertising their venture enticingly, and more importantly, by having very reasonable and sometimes even unspecified investment amounts. For instance, for a working class individual with a decent savings, a sum of £10 – 20,000 although is a lot, would certainly be worth an investment into a ‘good’ business. This acts as the hook which scammers use to lure their bait.

  • Minimal tasks

Think about it. All scams that we’ve ever heard of involve simple, mindless activities that even a two year old can do. Take Traffic Monsoon for instance. What did the millions of duped people have to do during the period they were ‘being’ deceived? Just click a button. Watch ads and click a button. Yes, a two year old definitely could do that!

  • A mere idea and no end product

This has been a common trait of MLM scams. MLM, or Multilevel Marketing, is a widely used business strategy that sales companies use to expand their clientele. It does so by encouraging their distributors to recruit more distributors, with the incentive of receiving a percentage of their recruit’s sales as commission.
MLM in its true and core essence offers a fair enough deal. However, scammers have managed to infiltrate this business strategy as well. How do they do this? By getting distributors to invest in starter kits (And other such mini investments), and recruiting more distributors with an idea, and not an actual product, being their selling point. This leaves the entire chain of ‘distributors’ eventually in the lurch, and with just an intangible ‘claim’ and no final outcome in their ventures.

  • Cash only transactions

This is the most rudimentary ploy of a business con artist. Although in this day and age, scammers have even found ways to outsmart and outmaneuver banks and economic systems, this old school method of scamming is one that is still widely prevalent.

  • More focus on recruitment rather than a business model

If a business venture seems to be more about recruitment and benefits of recruitment, it’s important to get your guard up. Think about it practically, how can a business thrive when it’s all about amassing people and their money, and there is no product or business model in sight?

  • Demand for more money

Once you have sunk your feet well into the venture, you are approached for more investments. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of money. It can also be in the form of purchasing inventory or a more expensive business plan ‘within’ the module you are already in.

  • Pressure to make an instant decision

Most legitimate companies give you the luxury of mulling over their proposal. They allow you to do your research and discuss your plans with family and friends. Scammers may not be as patient. They would insist that you make a decision at that very moment, and if you didn’t you would ‘lose the offer’. Don’t fall for such tricks. Every decision you make requires thoughtful pondering. That is your right.

Let’s take a moment now. And pause. I bet you’re thinking “But all the business ventures that are being promoted have these features!”


But what’s important are the differentiating factors.

What is a legitimate business opportunity?

  • A viable business model

Those who present the business opportunity to you will do so with a proper explanation of exactly what the business entails. This could be in the form of products, franchises, etc. Ideally, you should be able to have a good grasp of the holistic vision of the business. And if it’s a vision that you perceive as halal, logical, feasible, and profitable, then you know you’re on the right track.

  • Reasonable and realistic promises

A reasonable promise is one that just makes sense. A legitimate business venture will promise you of a certain range of revenue that you may expect, and how soon you may expect it. But these claims are reasonable. You won’t be able to make ten times your investment in two weeks. That’s neither practical, nor pragmatic. A minimum of six months is what it requires for any business to bring in returns. Anything sooner than this could either be the workings of a team of Einsteins or a team of scammers, so keep your eyes open on this!

  • There is work involved. Substantial work.

No business can thrive without manpower (And computer power in this age!). So a business venture that promises easy money with absolutely no work (or barely any work) involved is most certainly ‘fishy’. A legitimate opportunity would certainly make your life easier, but it would not make it devoid of having to “work” for the  business. While we would all love to just put our feet up and have money flowing into our bank accounts, that just doesn’t gel with our Islamic teachings either, which encourages us to work for our living. Good entrepreneurs use their entrepreneurship skills to leverage the talents and abilities of those who are a part of their business venture, and put it to good use. Scammers on the other hand don’t care about leveraging skills and talents. For scammers, it is all about amassing money and people, with no importance being given to solid hard work, bestowed talents and honed skills.

  • Transparent money transactions

All money that is exchanged throughout the venture is documented, contains invoices and is completely in compliance with the secular law, and more importantly, the Islamic law. You always have the option of pulling out of the venture if it displeases you, with no concerns about your investments as you are certain of a refund if you request it.

  • Considers humanity

Your human needs are met. You may be offered reasonable payment plans. You are able to fearlessly approach those in authority and communicate your thoughts, concerns and suggestions with them. It’s not a closed off system. It’s a system that embraces human needs and appreciates human differences.

  • Payments are restricted to the initial agreement

With a legitimate business venture, there are no unexpected payments, nor demands to purchase inventory and what not. You agree upon your investment, you agree to the hours of work you put into the venture and you’re done. Anything additional is not binding upon you, unless it is upon mutual consent.

  • It is run by a reputable organisation

Who runs this venture? And more importantly, what do they have to lose if they do end up being scammers? If the organisers of your business venture are renowned businessmen, and have proved to exhibit credibility based on previous business ventures, it would be a positive sign. Have they helped others grow their businesses? Have they always been pillars of support and advice? Or are they known for being shady and showing a lack of transparency?

You can also take a moment do do some background research such as checking if the company is legitimately registered, exploring their website, and checking the FCA register and Companies House Website. These are clear indicators of whether or not a company is legit.

  • Is it halal?

For us, as Muslims, this is the number one priority in ANY business venture. No matter how amazing a business opportunity maybe, if it isn’t in compliance with the Islamic laws of finances (and General Islamic laws as well) then it just won’t work. How can we be sure of the “Halal-ity” of the business? Well, we are blessed to be in an age where access to scholars and fatwas is becoming increasingly simple. Simply consult a scholar presenting him with all the nitty gritties of the business venture.

  • Do they fear Allah?

Here is a classic case of the cliche, last but certainly not the least. Anyone who has taqwa and fears Allah will know that he will be obligated to answer Allah for all his actions in dunya. In Islam, Allah has promised His infinite mercy upon mankind for the wrongs that they commit in dunya, the wrongs pertaining to the worship of Allah . But with regard to dealings with other human beings, Allah will be Al- Adl; he will be just. And there is no escaping the justice of Allah on the Day of Qiyamah. True believers understand the reality of this. So, would any true Muslim, take on such an insidious venture of scamming an entire community of people? Would anyone dare to put themselves in such a precarious position in the sight of Allah?

How can we avoid falling into the waiting bank accounts of scammers?

Counsel (Ma’shoora and Istikhara)

  • Research how to identify a scam. The information you have been reading so far covers just the basics. Delve further. Learn, study and be wary.
  • Learn what a legitimate business model offers. Bear in mind, it may have many similarities to what scammers implement (they are clever after all!), but train yourself to notice the nuances that set the two apart. It may not be obvious, but use your skills of perception.
  • Understand the vision ahead. A business model without a vision is like a house without its foundation. Is the vision one of positivity and philanthropy ? Or is it just materialism and dunya oriented pleasure? Does it promote giving back? Does it promote unity? Use your skills of reasoning and logic to arrive at these answers.
  • Study the model that is offered to you. It may not always make sense. But does the business model seem to be in line with the vision. Use your judgement. Does it all make sense? It’s not essential for it to make perfect sense, but do you have a sound enough understanding?
  • Counsel those who are more learned that you are. This is a vital sunnah that can streamline our success. If you have concerns about the Islamic validity of the business, counsel a scholar. If you have concerns about the business aspect of it, speak to an entrepreneur. Remember, there are bigger things out there that we just may not understand. Having the perspective of someone more knowledgeable can definitely alleviate our doubts and either propel us towards the venture or away from it.
  • Counselling of the highest form however, lies in the invaluable gift if istikhara. As Muslims, Allah has blessed us with direct communication with Him. No intercessors, no third party. Just you and your Allah. Turn to Him, and you will be guided.
  • Dua and reliance on Allah. As Muslims, in any endeavour, we need to first do our part, and then trust in Allah. Anas (ral) reported that a person asked the prophet (PBUH), “Should I tie my camel and have Tawakkul (trust in Allah) or should I leave her untied and have Tawakkul.” The prophet (PBUH) replied, “Tie her and have Tawakkul.” (Hasan) [Jami At-Tirmidhi].
    So we do our part. We do our research, make our judgements and seek counsel, ensuring that we are in a constant state of dua all along. Because ultimately, success lies only in the will of Allah.

As brothers and sisters in Islam, it is paramount that we become forces of upliftment for one another. Forces that propel one another towards good, and join hands to thwart evil.

Do we not want to be among those people who, on the day of judgement, are blessed with the shade of Allah’s throne? How can we do that? By loving one another for the sake of Allah. By loving for your brother (or sister), what you love for yourself.

This is one of the ethos that we at Muslim Entrepreneurs Network staunchly believe in. And this was the compelling and collective force that brought together four like minded people, the two Haroon’s and the two Mirza’s: Harun Rashid, Haroon Qureshi, Rocky Mirza and Com Mirza. We are stubborn believers of forward motion, and no one being left behind.

So why have we penned out all this information?

So that you understand what is.

And what isn’t.

As for scammers, well, we’re too smart for them.

And we’re too smart to let our brothers and sisters fall prey to them.

Together, we are an invincible force to be reckoned with.

How To Escape The Rat Race Today


How to escape the rat race

Rat race

A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit. It conjures up the image of lab rats racing through a maze to get the “cheese” much like society racing to get ahead financially.

The term is commonly associated with an exhausting, repetitive lifestyle that leaves no time for relaxation or enjoyment.

Yours truly


It is obvious that no one would subject themselves to such a mazy cheese-chasing life, metaphorically speaking of course.

However, ask yourselves the following questions…

Do you struggle to save money each month?

Do you wish you were financially independent so you did not have to work in a 9-5 job?

Do you wish you could travel more often and explore the finer interests in life?

If your answer to the above is a resounding YES, then you are officially in the ever- expanding rat race escapist club. Metaphorically speaking of course… and guess what…

you are not alone either.

When I think of the rat race, it conjures up an image of a hamster running in the wheel. The faster it runs, the faster the wheel turns and so the hamster remains in exactly the same position but completely exhausted and nothing to show for its efforts.

Sounds familiar right?

You work harder and longer in the hope of climbing that dazzling career ladder and get a pay rise. When you receive the pay rise you start spending more and living a more expensive lifestyle. The old car gets replaced by a new shiny one.

The new lifestyle gives you a feeling of accomplishment. A feeling that you are “moving up in the world”.

However, how much have you actually “moved up” in life?

If we take a deeper look, we will realise that we have not progressed much at all. We still do not have much in the way of savings. We still struggle to make independent financial choices.

What’s more, we are left so exhausted by our daily exertions that we cannot spend time in the areas of our lives which bring us joy and happiness.

We are so busy living the life we think we should be living that we are not able to work on the life we actually want to live.

our lives have become so busy that we do not have the time to stop and have a conversation. How many times have we responded to others by saying “Sorry I have no time right now” or “I’m really busy I can’t talk now”.

Life moves at such speed nowadays that we do not have the time to have breakfast before we leave for work. We pay for our clothes to be washed and pressed as we barely have time to use a washing machine.


The Wheel of Mis-fortune

I bet you have been in this position many times.

You get to work on Monday morning and start counting the minutes to Friday. When Friday arrives, you feel so euphoric and feel the two-day weekend will last forever.

Within no time the weekend is over!

The dreaded Monday looms over you and you start hyperventilating as if the end of our lives is near.

This is the “wheel” for the vast majority and it keeps turning and turning.

Weekends come and go – yet nothing changes. Similarly, years go by and you remain stuck in the mud. No change takes place whatsoever.

The famous American educator and counsellor on family relationships, Jessie Potter, said in 1861:

“If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten”.

In more recent times, the little- known scientist called Albert Einstein once said that…

It is the height of insanity to do the same thing over and over again yet expect a different result.

How often have you dreamed of achieving certain results in your life yet you made no change to your routine? Unsurprisingly, the results were not any different either.


Financial Freedom

Everyone desires financial freedom. Everyone feels they deserve financial freedom.

The question is, what is Financial freedom?

If you strip it down to the bare bones, financial freedom comes down to 3 key elements:

  • Financial Independence – the ability to spend on your needs and wants and not have to think whether you have the money to do so.
  • Time Freedom – Being in control of your time. Not having to be in a certain place (i.e place of work) for a number of hours each day every day.
  • Location Freedom – Being able to travel to any destination in the world and stay there for as long as desired (or until the embassy deports you because your visa has expired!)

Does that sound like a life you could enjoy?

Imagine what Financial Freedom could do for you.

Imagine what Time Freedom could do for your family and loved ones?

Better still, imagine the level of positive contribution you could make to humanity at large.

The possibilities are endless.

If you are wondering what you need to do to escape the rat race and become financially free, then read the step by step guide below and take action today.


How To Escape The Rat Race

Here is the blue-print to a new you. The guide you need to reach Financial Freedom!

If you follow this step by step guide you will reach a life of freedom and fulfilment –  Insha Allah.

What I am about to share with you will catapult your financial status to a level you did not imagine possible until now.

The best thing about it is that you will be part of a massive family of Muslims working together and helping each other reach Financial Freedom.

Best of all…

No one will be left behind! Each and EVERY member will reach their goals. Together.


Every member of the family will be responsible for the success of the whole family and the whole family will be responsible for the success of each and every member.

Such an initiative has never been done before.

How can you fail when almost 5000 Muslims and the duas of their families are working for your success?

What we are about to achieve by, Allah’s permission, will be truly astronomical and it will serve  as a legacy for future generations to replicate and continue.

Using the power of LEVERAGE we will create many Blue Oceans and conquer one industry after another.

One of the greatest benefits of creating a blue ocean is that there is no such thing as “competition” and we will create waves so huge that their ripples will be felt long after we are gone.

As a result, you are GUARANTEED to reach financial freedom by joining the Leverage family, Insha Allah.

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Register your details and watch the short video which will provide an insight into your new life insha Allah. Do not delay as places are limited and they are going fast.

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We are building something BIG. Something AMAZING.

Are you going to ride the wave with us or be left behind and feel the ripples when it’s too late?

Decide NOW.

Do not miss this opportunity if you want to stop running on the Hamster wheel for good. Reserve your exclusive spot now.


Fortune Favours the Bold 

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“Trade, because rizq has ten portions, of which trade consists of nine portions.”


The hadith above is encouraging us to get involved in trade. In business.

Allah has put immense barakah (blessing) in business and it also helps us increase our reliance upon the decree of Allah as we do not depend on the monthly salary anymore.

I want you to pause for a moment and ask yourself:

How would you feel if Mondays felt as good as Fridays and if you could travel the world and work from anywhere?

If you could buy anything you wanted for yourself and your loved ones without worrying about breaking the bank?

How would you feel if you had multiple streams of income and your money was working for you and making you even more money?


Needless to say, you would feel absolutely great… right?!

Of course, financial freedom doesn’t take away each and every problem in life. However, wouldn’t you want to tackle those problems with a few extra zeros to your bank balance and all the time you need?


Separate the MEN from the Boys

Some of you will read this article and take action immediately by registering and reserving your place on this amazing program. Congratulations!! You are on your way to reaching financial freedom. Insha Allah.


Some of you will think about what you have read and will probably re-visit this article before deciding what to do. I hope you sign-up soon so you can secure your seat on this once in a lifetime journey.

Do NOT delay as places are being filled up fast.

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Then there will be those of you who will dismiss the article completely and think it is just

another scam similar to all the other scams you have come across.

I ask…

How would you feel in 12 months’ time when you see and hear about the Leverage program from those who took the leap and reached financial freedom while you


How regretful will you feel knowing you should have been one of those celebrating and looking forward to a future you control?


Robert Chuller, the famous Motivational speaker once said:

“I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than attempt to do nothing and succeed”


Which path would you take? Remember! Fortune favours the bold!


Is this a Pyramid Scheme or a SCAM?

Regardless of how much information is provided or how much transparency is shown, there will still be a few who would claim they have seen it all before and it is nothing but a pyramid scheme.

Before we proceed, let’s nip that in the bud.

A pyramid scheme depends on the recruitment fees accrued from new membership in order to grow. Those that are on the higher levels will earn all the money from those who are below.  The lower you are on the pyramid, the less likely you are to make any return whatsoever.

In contrast, the leverage program is a real business which provides products and services. Currently, we are providing products and services to the health and fitness industry.

EVERYONE will earn an income with us. EVERYONE will be financially free. Insha Allah.

This is a real business opportunity to become financially free.

NO ifs No Buts!


Procrastination: The silent Killer

You might not believe it, but there is something even worse than making false claims. That is none other than procrastination. Sitting on the fence until the fence breaks and you fall into the mud face down. Not recommended!

Why do we procrastinate?

We procrastinate for one reason. We don’t see the consequences of our lack of action.


If someone could invent a machine that would show us a movie of what our life could have been, we would be in shock.


Imagine if a few years ago, when you decided to go on that diet or start working out at the gym, you actually had done it and kept going.


What would your body look like today?


Imagine back to the time when you had decided to read more and study how to make more money, you actually had done it and stuck to it.


What would your bank account look like today?


No one has yet invented that machine to show us that parallel universe where we hadn’t procrastinated.


We are smart enough to know where we would be in life if we did not



Try this: think of someone you admire, someone in better shape, someone making great money, and imagine if their life was yours.


How would you be feeling right now? Pretty good I am guessing!


If Bill Gates procrastinated and not work 20 hours every single day in his mum’ garage building Microsoft, would he be the billionaire he is today? Would have even known who Bill Gates is?


If Arnold Schwarzneger procrastinated and not leave his family behind in Austria to go to America and work 3 jobs so he could follow his passion of becoming Mr Olympia as well as the highest grossing actor, would he have been as successful?


Imagine if Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) companions procrastinated when they were sent out all over the world to spread Islam, what are the chances that we may not have been Muslims today due to their lack of action?


I bet the main difference between them and you is that they didn’t procrastinate but took

action. They made it happen with Allah’s help.


Use that realization to change your direction. It is time to take control and make it happen!


Difference between success and failure

What is the single most important difference between a successful person who achieves their goals and someone who never seems to achieve any of theirs? The answer in one word.


Those who take action always achieve their goals. They chase their dreams until those dreams become reality.

What will change your life is not some elusive secret. You know what you need to do to be where you want to be. Do not wait until you are too old to move.


Take control of your life and shape your own destiny.



Be part of this unique eco system which will benefit Muslims for generations to come. Be part of a movement which has not been seen before. Contribute to an initiative which will live long after you and I leave this world.


This is our chance to be remembered for something great long after we are gone.


JOIN US if you want to be part of this unique family of Muslims from all over the world who have come together to help each other reach freedom in every way.

Do not be the one who looks back in a few years and wondered what could have been. Rather, be the one who looks back and smiles at the best decision you have ever made.

Whether you join this unique family or not will not make a difference to me financially. However, as a Muslim we must love for our brothers what we love for ourselves.

Similarly, please share with your fellow Muslims so they can benefit from this great opportunity too.

Comment and share this article so everyone you know can have the same opportunity at reaching financial freedom.


It is time to get off the wheel of despair and jump onto the train to freedom.


Are you going to get on the train or watch it go past wondering what just happened?


Act Now so you can smile later!


masjid nabawawi

Do You Want To Work For The Sake Of Allah Like The Sahabah?

You hear it all the time if I had the money if I had the time if I had the resources I would do this and that for the sake of Allah for the Muslim ummah yadda yadda yadda.

But would you? And if you would what action are you taking to get to where you need to be to emulate the great sahabah like Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman May Allah be pleased with them.

Talk is cheap, and anyone can promise everything and talk about ifs and buts. Are you really ready to do something? You are, cool, so let’s see what you can do.

Less Talk More Action

Enough of the talk let’s get serious. You need to believe that you can change your circumstances and put yourself in a place where you have the resources to work for the sake of Allah at a serious level.

Just think about why you cannot do more right now. What is it that is preventing you from working on big projects that will make a huge difference to the lives of Muslims all over the world?

Let me guess you don’t have the time, you’re too busy working, you’re too preoccupied with worries about bills and making sure the needs of your family are met. After all that you’re too exhausted to do much else. Sure you might be able to give some sadaqah here and there or be part of a mosque committee which is all good but it’s not a game changer is it?

What you need is Time, Money and location freedom.

You Ain’t Doing Jack As An Employee

It doesn’t really matter what job you are currently doing if you’re an employee then you are severely limited in doing much else. Doing 40+ hours a week in many cases even more. Working evenings working weekends, in reality, you’re nothing more than a glorified slave.

We as human beings have a finite resource regarding energy when we use that up that’s us done for the day. It’s impossible to be productive after this point. This isn’t some theory or pseudo science but rather scientific fact.

If you think you can emulate the Sahabah in dedicating yourself for the sake of Allah and leaving an incredible legacy and a ton of sadaqah jariyah while being an employee in a typical type of job, then I am afraid you are seriously deluded.

Free The Mind Embrace Uncertainty

If we want to work for the sake of Allah in the most efficient way the first thing we must change is our mindset. Without the right mindset, you aren’t achieving anything. Many of us severely restrict ourselves from greatness purely due to being trapped in a particular self-restricting mindset.

We are reluctant to get out of our comfort zone, we are risk-averse, we are sceptical and paranoid, we avoid uncertainty like the plague.

We don’t see opportunities and if we do we dismiss them as too good to be true or scams.

What do you think separates the multi-millionaires from the ordinary Joe. It’s the mindset the mindset drives everything else. The multi-millionaires take risks they go into undiscovered and unknown territory. They have no clue if they will succeed or if failure will result. They embrace uncertainty. If it fails they learn from it and go again until they succeed.

Free your mind and take your first steps to great success both in this life and the next.

masjid nabawawi

Entrepreneurship The Path To Massive Wealth In The Akhirah

If we look at the lives of the Sahabah, you will find that the ones that achieved the most regarding helping the deen and the ummah and their impact were the ones that had wealth. That’s just the reality. Were these Sahabah employees? No, they were Entrepreneurs. Financially independent individuals who put all their resources behind the deen of Allah.

Freeing slaves cost an absolute fortune, but Abu Bakr and Uthman freed many slaves. Many a time paying over the odds to do it.

The reward for freeing a slave is huge they were able to earn these good deeds because they had wealth. Remember the Messenger of Allah may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him said.

Abu Umamah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “O son of Adam, it is better for you to spend in charity. To withhold is evil for you, yet there is no blame if you do so out of necessity. Begin spending on your dependents, for the upper hand that gives, is better than the lower hand that takes.”

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 1036

Most people don’t know but large amounts of land in Madinah is still owned by Uthmaan may Allah be pleased with him. He left it as a waqf. All the money made from hotels and businesses that occupy this land is used for projects like funding hospitals and other good causes.

Nearly 1500 years later Uthmaan ibn Affaan may Allah be pleased with him is still benefiting from this sadaqah jariyah. You too can achieve so much more you just need to take action by clicking on the link below.


>>[eafl id=”4285″ name=”” text=”Achieve sadaqah jariyah like Uthmaan”]<<<


Philanthropists are almost always financially independent why? Because you need lots of time and money to be a real philanthropist.

True entrepreneurship is about owning a business not working in one. If your business needs you to be actively involved in it every hour every day to function, then you work in a business. What you want is a business that gives you Time, Financial and location freedom.

Now you can run a business and dedicate large amounts of time to other projects like serving Allah and the Muslim ummah.

So why isn’t everyone an entrepreneur? Pretty simple being an entrepreneur requires like I said a very particular mindset that most people don’t have and most people are not willing to change their mindset and so sadly will never change?

The other reason is that even those that are brave enough to start down the path of entrepreneurship give up after their first failure or don’t have enough money to try again or the strength of will to keep trying again until they succeed.

Going it alone as an entrepreneur means you have to go through a tough learning curve that is time-consuming and will use up a lot of money. You will have to endure a period of trial and error before you see any real success.

But there is another way. A way you can avoid the trial and error and take a shortcut to success. And that is to have a mentor or mentors that have been there and done that who can guide you through the process.

The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

You now have a chance of a lifetime. Some very successful Muslim entrepreneurs are currently doing extremely well who feel they would like more Muslims to benefit from being entrepreneurs and not only benefit themselves but also help the Ummah.

They didn’t need to do this, but they did, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to fast track as a successful entrepreneur.

The opportunity to get access to these very successful guys, their mindset their knowledge their work ethic. Is priceless. But you can get access for a modest investment.

You will be guided through the whole process and will build a business with them and their guidance.

Right about now if your current mindset will be kicking in. Doubts will be filling your head, thoughts of scam too good to be true and all that will be circulating in your head.

Because of your fixed mindset, your mind will be trying to talk you out of it. It’s too risky blah blah blah.

Don’t be that person that missed out on an incredible opportunity and then beat himself/her up about it for the rest of your life. Filled with regret and remorse. Telling yourself man why didn’t I take that opportunity.

All I ask is you click on the link below and watch the video


>Your Path To Financial Freedom<<


Remember that there are limited places and like all opportunities, if you don’t grasp this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity someone else will.

If you like the post, please share and let others know about this great opportunity.

Please comment below and let me know what’s stopping you from achieving greatness.

What does Financial Freedom mean to you

What does financial freedom mean to you?

Benefits of being financially free

  • Being able to spend more quality time with your family.

Being available to them when they need me. Children are such a big blessing in our lives and yet we miss out on so much of their childhood because we are too busy with work and other commitments. We sacrifice our relationships with our family to maintain our lifestyles.

  • No stress about paying bills and putting food on the table.

Having money reduces everyday stress about meeting monthly bills and providing for your family. You can rest at ease that all your expenses will be met and your family will be taken care of.

  • Going on holiday without having to take permission or leave from work.

The freedom to take a break and take your family on a vacation to places where you could expand your knowledge as well as have great fun.

  • Having your time to yourself.

Time is the most precious asset we have because once time has passed it can never be regained, so it is absolutely essential that we use our time in the best way possible that benefits us and enriches our lives. Time freedom enables you to decide how you use your time instead of being dictated to by a 3rd person on how your time is best utilised to benefit someone else.

  • Location freedom.

Being financially free allows you to be able to go where you want and live where you want. I have always dreamt of living close to the sea side, however my dream never coincided with the practical need for living in the city where my work was located. The freedom to live wherever I want to and still be financially secure would be a dream come true.

  • The ability to be more charitable.

I have always envied people who use their money and power to enrich the lives of others. A financially secure life would allow you to be more philanthropic and give back to your community not only financially but also physically. Its easy to give money to a charity but the fulfilment of physically helping others and being involved hands on is quite special.

  • Helping family and friends.

Your success and financial freedom would mean a better life for your family and friends as you are able to help them achieve their goals and dreams.
Increase your knowledge and skills. Having time and money to spend on yourself allows you to enrich your life by gaining education and skills on topics you would never have the time to learn if you were stuck in a 9-5 job.

What holds us back from having a financially free life?

Negative mindset.
This is the biggest obstacle that holds so many people back from achieving a lifestyle that they desire. We are our own worst enemy when we harbour negative thoughts and doubt our own abilities. Every large corporation or business today started with someone with an idea and a powerful, positive mindset which allowed them to take risks and in doing so achieve great success.

Lack of support.
Too often our failures are a result of lack of support from the people closest to us. Not everyone wants to see you succeed and others don’t want to see you hurt if your idea fails to work. Successful business people surround themselves with people of similar mindsets and goals, this is a mutually beneficial relationship which allows for everyone to grow and benefit from each other. It is much easier to discuss ideas with people that want to hear them and want to help than sharing ideas with people that are not interested and would only look for the negatives.

Failure to take action.
It takes more than having a great idea, and money to be a successful businessman/woman. Ideas are only as good as the actions that are taken to bring those ideas to life. Even the simplest of ideas can create the biggest success stories because the people behind those ideas had a vision of what they wanted to create and they took the right steps toward making their vision a reality. Similarly without actions even the greatest ideas will be failures.

Putting things off is a waste of precious time. The longer we procrastinate the less likely we are of going through with our intentions and the easier it becomes to give up on our dreams thus resulting in failure. There are various reasons why we procrastinate including, family commitments, work commitments, laziness, time constraints, etc. It is no doubt a challenge to break free of this ‘do it later’ mentality but when you do its amazing what you can achieve.

No guidance.
Most successful entrepreneurs are sought after by people who want to succeed in business. Why? because there is no book that can teach you how to be successful. The best way to learn how to be successful in the shortest time is to learn from other peoples experiences. The gems of knowledge that is learnt through experience is priceless. Having someone to guide you and help you create a plan of action can fast track your route to success. I would say having guidance is vital to achieving financial freedom.


It is clear from all the above that financial freedom can be achieved if we follow a recipe for success.

Positive Mindset + Action + Unity + Guidance = Financial Freedom


The question you need to ask yourself now are;

1.Do you have a positive mindset?

2. Are you ready and willing to take action to achieve your success?

3. Do you have a united support structure that can ensure you’re kept at the optimal state of mind to achieve success?

4. Do you have the help of a successful businessman to guide you through this journey?

The first two questions can be answered only by you. It depends how hungry you are to achieve this ultimate life of freedom.

The 3rd and 4th questions can be answered by joining the Leverage Programme.


What is the Leverage Programme?

It is the most united Muslim business community, lead by, not 1 but 4, very successful, multimillionaire businessmen. All of these businessmen have the highest credentials and have worked very hard over many years to build their own multimillion dollar businesses and now they want to help others find success and financial freedom.

The blueprint to success has been set out so there is no question of failure all you need to do is take action.

There are already 300 Muslims that have joined the group and created a family of support that is so powerful it has the potential to take on any industry and dominate it. You too can be a part of this family, and find the solution to your success while helping your fellow family members achieve their success. So don’t let negative thoughts or procrastination get in the way of your success, click here to find out how you can join the family today.

Opportunities like these don’t come along everyday so grab this opportunity now before its too late.

Join the Leverage Family now.

Here’s Why You Missed Out on Bitcoin When it was $1

Why did you miss out on Bitcoin when the price was less than $1?

There are two sets of people who missed on big opportunities like Bitcoin.

1.    Those who didn’t know about it
2.    Those who knew but still didn’t take advantage

This essay is for the second type of people – those who knew about the opportunity but never acted on it.

Why we don’t take advantage of opportunities

Most people miss opportunities and regret it later even in the presence of the following fact.

Fact: 100% of the people agree that the fastest way to gain financial growth is through the right opportunities.

Interesting question:  Why, when two people hear about an opportunity at the same time, one takes advantage of it and the other doesn’t?

What prevents us from taking actions?

When you hear about an opportunity, what you do next determines your future. There are no ifs and buts about this. Those who take actions win and those who don’t, lose.

When you take an action, the probability of winning or losing is dependent on how good the opportunity is, but when you don’t take an action, you lose “100%” of the time.

There are all kinds of reasons why people don’t take advantage of an opportunity at hand.

Things like:

-Fear of losing: your loss is limited to the fixed amount you put into an opportunity, but often there is no limit to what a win can bring.

-The opportunity sounds too good to be true (yes, some people simply disregard it because it is too good to be true). The only people who don’t act on something “too good to be true” are those who never really took advantage of any such opportunities. They never won from them. Those who acted on the really good opportunities are always in search for more.

-It’s a scam: If it sounds like a scam, it must be good. No one is ever going to try to scam you with something that doesn’t sound exciting. Rule number one, which you will be provided later in this post, will allow you to know how to handle it.

-I don’t like to be rich: Success is your duty in this world and the one after. It’s a commitment not a feeling. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to try your best.

-Money is evil: Money only makes you do more of what you already are. If you are generous, when you get money, you give more. If you are evil, when you get money you become more.

-I never win: Trying is everything, it’s the journey that matters, the destination is only a stopover.

-I don’t know what I am doing: Everyone knows something. This is the reason the idea economy is going from “I” to “We” and “Collective Economy” is leading the future.

-These guys will make money: Every opportunity will make people money. You just need to make sure you take advantage of it as well.

-I am not good at business: This was an okay excuse for not doing business in the old days. The “Collective Economy” needs both the worker minds who overtime will learn business and the business minds who can provide directions “Right Now”.

-I already failed: Who cares if you failed? Do it again and this time make sure you are not “Alone”. Make sure you have a clear path and make sure to take advantage of the “Network Effect”.

-I will lose my investment: What you think, will happen. If you think you will lose, you will lose. That is more of a mindset than reality. Since “Collective Economy” doesn’t have “I” and only operates on “We”. How will you lose?

The list is a never ending one but these are just the symptoms. Understanding the real reason why you don’t take advantage of opportunities will allow you to look at things differently. You will never deal with symptoms again.

Discard the bad ones over good ones

After extensive research, investing in loads of companies and taking advantage of opportunities at the earliest stages possible. We came up with a sure fire way to not only act on the opportunities but to be able to discard the bad ones over good ones.

Following this, you will have much higher chances of determining what the winning opportunity is and staying away from the ones which are actually bad for you.

We have developed a process of winning, which can be applied to any opportunity you hear about and it will allow you to systematically determine if it is good or bad. It will allow you to go past the symptoms listed above and take advantage of the real deals.

Price does not determine your decision

Most people think the price determines what you can or can’t do. That is not true. It is not what you spend but what you gain that matters.  The single point for picking the right opportunity will help you clearly decide and gain that financial freedom you were looking for.

Imagine, if you were able to determine which opportunity is really good, not a scam, will make you money, make you happy and provide financial freedom.

Number one reason Why you miss out

“Jumping to Conclusion”

This one habit of “Jumping to Conclusions” is the number one reason why most people miss great opportunities.

It happens because your environmental DNA forces you to simply and quickly conclude and allow that little voice inside of you to disregard the opportunity.

The Right Way

It doesn’t matter what it is – there is no question that the right opportunities are the fastest ways to wealth. Here is a process to follow:

Never dismiss what comes in front of you: Someone has gone to great lengths to gain your attention or stepped out of their comfort zone to share something they feel is valuable to you. Whatever is the reason preventing you from acting on it, try to find answers and remove the hurdles in your way.

Trusted recommendations Vs Unknown

Sometimes opportunities have to come from trusted people for you to act on them, but a lot of times you can evaluate opportunities at face value, based on supply and demand.

For example, when we started buying domain names, not a single person around me knew what domains were. The opportunity did not come from any trusted person, we used simple math, we knew that the supply of any domain was limited and the demand could be the entire industry in that field. If it takes one person to take the entire supply away, chances are high the value will increase.

We bought domains when people didn’t know what they meant, We Won Big
We bought Bitcoins when price was less than a cup of coffee, We Won Big
We invested in sharing economy companies: We Won Big

What is the Next Big Thing

The next frontier, which is bigger than domains, Bitcoin and the sharing economy is Collective Economy – where thousands of people will come together and dominate one industry. Working with each other rather than against.

If you want to evaluate opportunities in Collective Economy, you need to ask some real questions.

Questions like:

Can the impact be huge if people worked together instead of competing with each other?

Will collective actions amount to an advantage in marketing?

Can this venture get traffic from search engines?

Can you benefit from having 5,000 real people in your network whose growth is dependent on working together?

Can this opportunity be big and how can you tell?

Why working less can increase the chances of making the business profitable?

The first question you must be asking yourself is whether the impact of this opportunity is huge if people worked together rather than competing with each other?

If your answer is YES, continue looking into the it.

If your answer is NO, stop and move on to something else.

The normal path of marketing vs collective direction

Doesn’t matter how good a product is, “if people don’t know about it” chances are high it will not go far. The normal path to marketing is where the founders start using their network to try to gain initial traction or use paid advertising to get in front of others.

You design a nice message and put it in front of others and along with paid ads, you ask your family and friends to like, share and comment.

The collective action is very different. A message gets created and everyone in the collective economy immediately starts, liking it, sharing it and starts spreading the word.

Will collective actions amount to advantage in marketing?

Bigger the collective economy network : Bigger the rewards
Imagine if there were 5,000 members, they all in a concise manner spread the word about the product, it will spread like wildfire. It will trigger Facebook’s viral algorithm and will be put in front of even more people. This is also true on other social networks and search engines.

Can this venture get traffic from search engines?

Any company that was able to get loads of traffic from search engines like Google, made it big on the internet. Companies like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Wikipedia all generate massive amounts of traffic from Google.

All of them have huge growth hacking departments, which actively work towards getting organic traffic. Collective commerce is going to be Google darling. Here is why.

Massive actions produce massive results

They say Content is King. Imagine 5,000 people writing just 2 articles a week. That amounts to a new article being published every one minute throughout the week. The first 300 WeAreOne family members have already tested this approach and results are out of this world. Ranking is amazing and traffic and leads are plentiful.

One of the biggest ranking factors in search engines is “how many people click on the results”.  A collective strength of 5,000 people with organic IPs and footprints – image what can be done with power like that?

It is not what you know but who you know and what they do together that matters.

Can you benefit from having 5,000 real people in your network whose growth is dependent on working together?

When you become part of the WeAreOne family, not only do you benefit from the “Collective Commerce” but you also agree to first look within for your personal consumption. Imagine the kind of benefits you or your business can achieve when 5,000 people are going to be willing, ready and able to help you or buy from you. Stories of the help being given to each other in the first 300 will bring tears to your eyes.

Can this opportunity be big and how can you tell?

What is the value of an idea when it can dominate any industry because of the shared power of the network effect? This is exactly how Facebook grew, WhatsApp become the biggest messaging app and Google become a household name.

The network effect made it possible for them.

Difference between these companies and the “Collective Economy” is that in CE, everyone not only contributes but the wealth generated is shared by all. You are no longer dependent on your shortcomings but the power of the entire network.

When 5,000 people walk in the same direction and bring along their network, the future can only be bright.

Why working less can increase the chances of making the business profitable?

Less is more: Normally you work in business as many hours as you can and try to make it happen. That is the normal way. The new way is going to be a collective direction, where instead of you working 10 hours a day, you will be putting in 2 hours a day and will be able to build a profitable business. They say 100% of your effort is nothing compared to 1% effort of 100 people.

“How is this possible?”

It’s simple. 5,000 people adding 2 hours a day makes 10,000 hours per day. No other company is going to be able to compete when there are 10,000 hours at your disposal.

5,000 Employees vs 5,000 Owners

Even if another competitor has 5,000 employees, they will be competing with 5,000 owners. When you put in your 2 hours, you will put them in as owners and the hours will be a lot more meaningful.

People behind the opportunity, Do they have enough experience in doing what is being done?

In this case, WeAreOne was formed by people who have been making money from the internet for more than 16 years and have started and invested in loads of successful ventures around the world.  They provide a step by step direction on exactly what to do in your two hours.

Has Collective Economy Been Tested?

Yes, it has been tested already. It already brought in 300 WeAreOne family members who are on the outer-edge of creating a “Model of Unity“. They are working with each other rather than against one another. You can click here right now and see what they are doing. It has some of the best minds in the world in it already and they are collectively winning big. You will see them and I’m sure you will love what they are doing, you will love their smiles, you will love their Unity.

The video alone will give you a sense of something special; something unreal. You will want to become a part of this unity, and of working together rather than against each other so everyone wins. You will love the promise of “No One Left Behind”.

The One Reason Behind All Your Missed Opportunities at Success in Life
If you look back at all the opportunities you missed in your life, whether it was domains or Bitcoin or anything else, you will realize that you did so because you “Jumped to Conclusions” without actually looking into them.

Don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Collective Economy is the next frontier. How can you win?

Although I have provided a detailed outlook, you have two choices:

1-Click here to embrace it and become a part of it right now. When you do that, you will automatically be plugged into a network effect and collectively everyone wins. Your seat will be reserved and you will be able to see proof which will blow your mind away.

2-Click Here Right Now and register for a Free Webinar and come see what we have in store for you.


Please provide your feedback in comments and Share and like this post. JZK

What Prevents A Muslim From Becoming A Millionaire

What Prevents You From Becoming A Millionaire?
The most precious things a person can find are Consistency, Trust and Unity.
Consistency is the basis of personal growth.
Trust allows you to run at full-speed ahead.
Unity gets you to the final destination faster than neutrinos.

Why do we put things off?

We all have equal number of hours in a day. The difference between those who make it big and those who don’t is how they spend them.

Consistency and discipline are very important – we hear this all the time, but they are important for what?

What is the goal?

The goal at a personal level is to get out of the ‘bubble’.

This bubble is the normal path of life, filled with regular non-performers like doubts, excuses, blames and more importantly, the genuine reasons (which make all the sense in the world) pushing you to stop, quit and give up.

The path within the bubble works very hard to keep you in and not let you go.

But you shouldn’t pace yourself to achieve your goal. Leave the pacing strategies for the marathon runners and regular people. You need to run at the speed of Bolt but the duration of Mo.

Understanding the meaning of Go Big or Go Bigger

Each step that you take towards a focused path will leave you no choice but to go Big, doing it collectively will leave you no choice but to go Bigger.

You’ll need to call the big shots, the ones, which make people around you nervous or consider you a lunatic because there is a thin line between those who really make it and name calling.

We don’t want to promise ourselves less. We don’t want to under-promise and over-deliver. It has a rooted seed of under performance when you say, “I would like to under promise but over deliver”. The best way I have seen things get done is when you over-promise and over-deliver. That’s the notion of Go Big or Go Bigger.

There is a power in making whatever you are trying to achieve visible and known.

Understand that the path in the Bubble doesn’t like to be alone and each one of us have it.

My path in the bubble competes with yours in as to how long it keeps us in. The longer it keeps you, the higher the rank it gets within the Bubble universe.

There is a process to the madness within it

When the path hears, sees, or feels you have the intention of crossing the bubble’s boundary, it uses all kinds of tactics to keep you in.

It will fight you for anything that can make you stronger and will allow you to take the path of least resistance to things that will make you weaker.

For example, some of the things which make you stronger are the right kind of education, Unity, practice, exercising, praying, shifting your focus towards business and the list goes on.

Path within the bubble becomes us

The real genius of the path within the bubble is that it works within our thoughts. It becomes our thoughts and makes us believe in them.

But all is not lost. You have the opportunity to escape the Bubble, but only if you understand how it works first.

How the Path within the Bubble Works?

Step 1. It simply makes you think: am I crazy? I can’t achieve this, people will think I’m crazy, this is for silly people, this is so stupid, this creates the gap between the rich and poor, i need clarification on (just about anything), why should I do this, what is my benefit in doing it, they are smart by getting me to do this, oh wow this will work for them why should i do it, is this even doable, is this legal, why not do it all slow, why rush it, who benefits from this, I am not a… the list goes on and on (see, this is the path talking but it has trained to make us believe it is us talking).

Just like smokers will always find smokers even in the middle of winter in Canada. People in “The Bubble” will always find others in “The Bubble” to collectively expand their own doubts and plant a seed in those who didn’t really think much but now have some unanswered questions for their own “Path in the Bubble”. I understand the fear

If I listen to it, mission accomplished, nothing more needs to be done.

Step 2. If it feels it didn’t get to you and you still want to escape the bubble. It starts using information from your entire life so far. It brings you others who doubt your goal, it gets you rejected on the actions you take, it tells you that you get better results when you are in the mood to do things, it brings research out of the blue which suggests “under promise over deliver”. If you still don’t fall for it, the big guns come out.

Step 3. Big Guns: what will others think? This makes you stop because you think others will think less of you. You think those who do this are people who have nothing better to do. Those who do this, annoy others. You worked so hard in life to do this? It doesn’t make sense. You studied so hard to do this? You are crazy. This is simply a data entry task, which is below your intelligence. What’s the reason for doing this? You will be able to perform much better if you had the dots connected on what is to come after. You can simply get someone else to do this, your time is better spent doing something else. These are just some of the reasons, there are many more.

The key to understanding this step that the “the path in the bubble” will do what it takes for you to have an inner battle – “to do or not to do”. If you beat all the wonderful reasons “the path” throws at you and decide to do what needs to be done anyways, it ups the ante.

Step 4. Bigger Guns: you are smart, you can do this, you will do this. It’s the weekend so starting Monday will be the time to really push it. The path becomes your buddy in success. It’s one of those enemies who is there to create misery in everything you do and back-stab you at the right moments.

But by step 4, it knows, it has to do it smartly. Doing it smart is not challenging your decision to escape the bubble, but telling you to put it off for later.

It convinces you, starting Monday, the world is going to be different. You will perform like never before. If this works, nothing else needs to be done. It now works on this ‘putting you off’ tangent. By the time Monday comes, it makes sure you have a good breakfast, it makes sure you find a place to work from, it makes sure your computer is working well, it makes sure you put what you are going to do on paper.

The bubble is still doing what it did over the weekend. At that time, it allowed you to put it off to Monday, now it’s Monday and it is getting you to put it off until later in the day. This continues until Monday is gone. You pat yourself on the back and feel like you’ve done good work today, when you start the actual task tomorrow, you will have the information you need to get results. You don’t know it but the path has already won.

Step 5. Tuesday comes: The work you did in preparing yesterday appears to be lacking and you feel like you can do a better job. You look within your circle to see who can help you fine-tune it. Who can validate that what you are about to do is going to work? This process sometimes is also called “Research”.

Let’s ask others what they think of the idea. Let’s ask them if they can help improve the process. You might even be satisfied with just thinking about it and might put it off until a later time. Let’s search online how others are doing it. This search starts from you typing some string of words in search engines and going to a site or sites, from their, something else catches your eye, something interesting, something that rocks your boat or something funny, these things on the internet are called “click baits”. You end up at a page, you had no intention of being. Time kept moving on and the day is gone again. You got deferred and delayed once again.

Step 6: By this time, you are so far behind you need help from someone. But guess what, “The Path” puts doubts in your head. If you ask for help, people will think you are stupid, or they will wonder why you didn’t ask earlier, why you waited so long etc. The Path knows we do not like to look bad, it knows that the “perception of how well we are doing is actually more important than us doing well”.

Now you think it is easier to just call it off, it is easier to come up with a better opportunity, which will allow you to start over and you are going to make sure the next time you are never behind. It will be the new you. The mistakes you made will allow you to do it better the next time.

By making you think this, all the path is doing is making you go back to Step 1 again so you can go through the entire loop one more time.

Understand that the Bubble works on you from a very early age to create habits for you based on avoidance behaviour. Think about it, you often end up waiting for the last minute to do assignments, packing for trips, booking flights and so on.

The shortest road to your dreams — the road to expanding your true horizons, exploring your true potential and achieving work you will really and truly be proud of — sits outside of the normal path bubble. That is where you will thrive, grow and blossom as the true master of your dreams.

Inside and Outside of the Bubble “You”

Although after reading this, it will be clear “the outside of the Bubble you” could have the world at your fingertips, but in reality, the “inside of the Bubble you” has little concern, understanding or empathy for that future You. The Inside path has you focused on hedonic pleasures, which make you feel good today because it knows, once you go outside, you are never coming back in again, and feeling good today actually feels good, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Want to have financial freedom, do what you can to get out of the bubble.

Comment in the comment section below and we will send you : Pls include your phone number.

How to fight back. How to get out of the Bubble…

P.S : If you like this post, please share it with others, at least they will know what prevents them from taking themselves to the next level. It is your duty to help other Muslims. JZK

Muslim Entrepreneur Network Official Review of the Arab Affiliate Summit 2016

The Arab Affiliate Summit 2016 which took place on the 24-25 September in Cairo, Egypt, saw an unprecedented number of renowned professionals, investors, partners and stake holders convene to discuss the rapidly growing affiliate marketing sector.


Now in its third consecutive year, the internationally acclaimed summit provides the first and only platform in the MENA region for networking, partnerships and nourishing the lucrative industry of affiliate marketing.

Muslim Entrepreneur Network (MEN) were invited to the prestigious event and our very own CEO and Founders of MEN, Haroon Qureshi and Com Mirza were amongst the selected prominent speakers who took part in sharing their stories of success, knowledge, expertise and drive for marketing.

Com Mirza stated on his official Facebook video prior to the event that, “There is talent from all over the world here, we have different algorhythms, different strategies, tactics and practical stuff that you can utilise. As you know, to make a lot of money you need to make investments. You have to realise offers dry up, traffic is competitive and nothing is sustainable forever. The only sustainable income is streams that you invest in and I hope to provide you a lot of value”.

Com further stated that, “I had an awesome time speaking to 750 people at the Arab Affiliate Summit in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt we will be back again soon. Might even make some investments into the country and its start-up ecosystem”.

Over 750 affiliates and partners attended the amazing event including 25 key speakers and over 50 sponsors and leading companies such as Microsoft and Flat 6 Labs. The Arab Affiliate Summit was founded by Mahmoud Fathy and Mohammad Khartabil in 2014, with the aim of providing one big platform to bring industry leaders together and create a powerhouse of expertise to learn, connect and inspire.

Arab Affiliate Summit 2016 certainly lives up to the hype surrounding it, with its diverse range of companies and individuals that come together sharing their expertise and providing invaluable resources to all that attend.


The Muslim Entrepreneur Network was delighted to be at the summit where we answered key questions at our official booth and provided people with information on entrepreneurship, offering 30 days’ free membership to our innovative platform.

There were many other companies and sponsors exhibiting their services and products such as Arabyads, Start-Up Muslim, Alkutub amongst many others. For all those interested in expanding their knowledge, creating partnerships and networking there is no better platform in the MENA region than this.

In addition, international companies from all over the world were present and representing their own entities enabling people to seek out new opportunities for further development and growth of their services and products. People wishing to gain an experience of one to one networking, learning and convening with leaders in the industry need to attend the annual summit which is expected to be even bigger next year.


Haroon Qureshi stated that, “I want to say a big thank you to Mahmoud FathyMohammad Khartabil and their amazing team for their outstanding work in organising the Arab Affiliate Summit 2016.The event was organised to the highest level and lives have been truly impacted”.

Haroon spoke about his inspiring entrepreneurial journey from creating a 7-figure Amazon FBA business right through to the creation of the Muslim Entrepreneur Network. In addition, Haroon went through how to create a 7-figure digital product business and his speech went down exceptionally well with the crowd of professionals who wanted to tap into the digital product industry.

Amongst the speakers were industry leaders such as Bridget Sauer, Head of Global Community at Teespring and Farid Khan who discussed about the profitable industry of mobile apps. Various different sectors from apps to info products were discussed in great detail, providing each individual who attended with the opportunity to tap into new profit streams and investments and foster partnerships that could not be done so easily without attending this platform.

There are many ways that you could benefit from attending the next Arab Affiliate Summit in 2017 if you choose to take up the golden opportunity. Some of these benefits including being able to meet face to face with affiliates, merchants, vendors, networks, technology providers, digital agencies, traffic sources, and learn from industry experts.

In addition, by attending the prestigious event you can connect and share your ideas with ambitious industry leaders, foster new partnerships and raise awareness of your company.

Muslim Entrepreneur Network would highly recommend the Arab Affiliate Summit to hardworking, thirsty entrepreneurs and professionals and anyone who wants to tap into lucrative opportunities to enrich their lives. Many of the attendees spoke highly of the value they have gained through attending this year’s summit and found the information from speakers, the shared success stories and networking invaluable.

How To Find More Time To Start Your Online Business


Right now you might be wondering how you are going to start an online business.

After all, you are working full-time, have a family, a busy social life and every night you go to bed exhausted. The thought of learning to run an online business is tough.

You are not alone in feeling this way. Almost every entrepreneur had worries and finding time was an issue they all faced. The key to productivity is making time, not finding it!

The Secret To Maximizing Profit That Your Grandfather Knew

Today we are in a hurry.

A hurry to earn money, be successful and live the dream lifestyle.

However in an internet-fuelled economy, we often forget that there are lessons that can be learned from the past that can help us today.