Muslim Entrepreneur Network Official Review of the Arab Affiliate Summit 2016

The Arab Affiliate Summit 2016 which took place on the 24-25 September in Cairo, Egypt, saw an unprecedented number of renowned professionals, investors, partners and stake holders convene to discuss the rapidly growing affiliate marketing sector.


Now in its third consecutive year, the internationally acclaimed summit provides the first and only platform in the MENA region for networking, partnerships and nourishing the lucrative industry of affiliate marketing.

Muslim Entrepreneur Network (MEN) were invited to the prestigious event and our very own CEO and Founders of MEN, Haroon Qureshi and Com Mirza were amongst the selected prominent speakers who took part in sharing their stories of success, knowledge, expertise and drive for marketing.

Com Mirza stated on his official Facebook video prior to the event that, “There is talent from all over the world here, we have different algorhythms, different strategies, tactics and practical stuff that you can utilise. As you know, to make a lot of money you need to make investments. You have to realise offers dry up, traffic is competitive and nothing is sustainable forever. The only sustainable income is streams that you invest in and I hope to provide you a lot of value”.

Com further stated that, “I had an awesome time speaking to 750 people at the Arab Affiliate Summit in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt we will be back again soon. Might even make some investments into the country and its start-up ecosystem”.

Over 750 affiliates and partners attended the amazing event including 25 key speakers and over 50 sponsors and leading companies such as Microsoft and Flat 6 Labs. The Arab Affiliate Summit was founded by Mahmoud Fathy and Mohammad Khartabil in 2014, with the aim of providing one big platform to bring industry leaders together and create a powerhouse of expertise to learn, connect and inspire.

Arab Affiliate Summit 2016 certainly lives up to the hype surrounding it, with its diverse range of companies and individuals that come together sharing their expertise and providing invaluable resources to all that attend.


The Muslim Entrepreneur Network was delighted to be at the summit where we answered key questions at our official booth and provided people with information on entrepreneurship, offering 30 days’ free membership to our innovative platform.

There were many other companies and sponsors exhibiting their services and products such as Arabyads, Start-Up Muslim, Alkutub amongst many others. For all those interested in expanding their knowledge, creating partnerships and networking there is no better platform in the MENA region than this.

In addition, international companies from all over the world were present and representing their own entities enabling people to seek out new opportunities for further development and growth of their services and products. People wishing to gain an experience of one to one networking, learning and convening with leaders in the industry need to attend the annual summit which is expected to be even bigger next year.


Haroon Qureshi stated that, “I want to say a big thank you to Mahmoud FathyMohammad Khartabil and their amazing team for their outstanding work in organising the Arab Affiliate Summit 2016.The event was organised to the highest level and lives have been truly impacted”.

Haroon spoke about his inspiring entrepreneurial journey from creating a 7-figure Amazon FBA business right through to the creation of the Muslim Entrepreneur Network. In addition, Haroon went through how to create a 7-figure digital product business and his speech went down exceptionally well with the crowd of professionals who wanted to tap into the digital product industry.

Amongst the speakers were industry leaders such as Bridget Sauer, Head of Global Community at Teespring and Farid Khan who discussed about the profitable industry of mobile apps. Various different sectors from apps to info products were discussed in great detail, providing each individual who attended with the opportunity to tap into new profit streams and investments and foster partnerships that could not be done so easily without attending this platform.

There are many ways that you could benefit from attending the next Arab Affiliate Summit in 2017 if you choose to take up the golden opportunity. Some of these benefits including being able to meet face to face with affiliates, merchants, vendors, networks, technology providers, digital agencies, traffic sources, and learn from industry experts.

In addition, by attending the prestigious event you can connect and share your ideas with ambitious industry leaders, foster new partnerships and raise awareness of your company.

Muslim Entrepreneur Network would highly recommend the Arab Affiliate Summit to hardworking, thirsty entrepreneurs and professionals and anyone who wants to tap into lucrative opportunities to enrich their lives. Many of the attendees spoke highly of the value they have gained through attending this year’s summit and found the information from speakers, the shared success stories and networking invaluable.

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