3 Strategies To Gain More Customers For Any Business

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Are you in business? If so would you like to find more customers?

OK, so that was a loaded question because we would all like to have more customers. However, there is a proven process that you can use to find new customers as often as you like.

This process has three steps, and if you start to use it then you will see opportunities wherever you are

Step 1. What Other Services Do Your Customers Use?

This is the first question to ask yourself because this will give you more business. Take a supermarket, for example; we have a lot of people that shop at a supermarket with absolutely no transport.

If you were a driver, you could strike a deal with the supermarket so that every time you got booked you would pay them 25% if they referred you. Instantly you have a new source of income.

Now you could change this from a driver to any business. If you sell Televisions, you could partner with a company that fits TV sets into people homes.

The list is endless; you need to start to think, and then you will see links to what you do and spot opportunities.

Step 2. What Other Products Do Your Customers Buy?

If you were to sell buckets, then it would be logical to sell spades. However, a lot of people fail to see the opportunities that exist around them.

For example, you might be an Amazon seller, but what would make your product better? Could you add something to it to bundle it together for a more attractive deal?

Or perhaps you could partner with another business or company that sells services or products that your customer uses?

Step 3.  Networking

This is one of the most overlooked areas in business, and we cover it in-depth inside the Muslim Entrepreneurs Membership area.

The fact is that people tend to do business over a period of time. They need to get to know you, understand if you and they are aligned in vision and goals.

People do business with people they know, like and trust.

The best way to do this is getting out and meeting people. This is, of course, difficult. It requires you to develop interpersonal skills, to communicate with people and step out of your office.

However as difficult as this sounds there are ways you can make this easier. We cover that in an entire course, but by physically meeting people you start to build a connection that will allow for business opportunities.


There are more than three ways to attract customers but these work and until you have exhausted these, do you need any more?

By focusing on your customer, you will unearth opportunities that you never saw before.

The key is that you need to take action. If you sit around thinking that this is yet another ‘good idea’ you will miss the point.

So look at your business and see what opportunities there are and then go and take massive action.

The Men Team

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